Upgrade your plan mid month when you need to
Choose a plan that has the right number of nights/HafH Coins for you. You can upgrade your plan mid-month, or pause your subscription when you need to.
HafH Coins
HafH Coins included in your plan are used when you make a reservation
HafH Coins are included with your membership plan each month. The amount of HafH Coins needed to make a reservation differs depending on the accommodation facility. Click here for more on HafH Coins.
Book Air Travel
Use coins to buy airline tickets. You can book your ticket using coins.
A minimum of one night must be booked on request for airfare, and a reservation for accommodations must already be confirmed.Please read and confirm the terms and conditions below. Any international flight arrangements, due to promotions, etc., will be shared with eligible passengers. From May 12, 2023: JAL Domestic Flights (Acceptance is scheduled to begin on May 11, 2023)
Split Booking
Make a shared booking with friends and family by sharing coins!
The booking coins will be split in two, so you can easily make a booking together.
*If using HafH outside of Japan, please be aware that all date and time indications are based on Japan Standard Time.