HafH Coin Guidebook

*This information is correct as of October 2020. Some details are subject to change in the future.

What exactly are HafH Coins?

HafH provides an affordable fixed-price monthly subscription service. In order to provide rooms and properties that would fetch a much higher price on reservation sites without having to charge extra, we’ve devised HafH Coins.

HafH Coins allow Neighbors (members) to book room upgrades, private rooms, and rooms in pricier hotels and resorts, etc., without needing to pay extra on top of their fixed monthly subscription.

For example, when making a booking request for a room, you can use HafH Coins you’ve collected to upgrade your room type. We are also thinking of new ways for Neighbors to make use of HafH Coins!

The amount of HafH Coins needed per night differs depending on the property and room – anywhere from 50 HafH Coins per night, to over 1,000.

One important thing to remember is that HafH Coins cannot be purchased. The easiest way to get HafH Coins is through a HafH Plan. Some HafH Plans include a set amount of HafH Coins that will be credited to your account each month. There are also campaigns, promos and other ways to earn HafH Coins.

How do I receive HafH Coins?

HafH Coins cannot be purchased. Here are some ways to collect HafH Coins.

① Get HafH Coins through designated HafH plans
Some HafH plans come with a set amount of HafH Coins that are automatically added to your account each month. For example, HafH Traveling 1mth comes with 500 HafH Coins each month, while the HafH Traveling 10d plan will get you 200 HafH Coins a month.

HafH Coins are added to your account when your subscription payment has been received on the 1st day of each month.

② Receive HafH Coins according to your usage
We at HafH are committed to providing a fair service at a reasonable price. If there is a month where you haven’t been able to use HafH much, the following month you can receive bonus HafH Coins in relation to the number of unused days you had left over. You can then use the extra HafH Coins to treat yourself to a more luxurious stay next time!The amount of HafH Coins you receive may change depending on things like plan type and usage (grade of properties stayed at, how many nights stayed, amount of cancellations, etc.).

③ Answering our questionnaire
Once you’ve finished signing up to HafH, complete the simple questionnaire and get 100 HafH Coins.

We’re working on even more ways for Neighbors to collect HafH Coins! Save up your HafH Coins and treat yourself to a well-earned room upgrade!

Three steps to collecting HafH Coins

【Example】You sign up to HafH on a Traveling HafH 10d plan in November.

《STEP 1》
Answer our questionnaire once you’ve finished signing up (or later from your “My Page”) and get 100 HafH Coins.

《STEP 2》
Your first subscription fee is charged on December 1st. Once we’ve received your payment, 200 HafH Coins (that come with your plan) will be added to your account.

《STEP 3》
The Traveling HafH 10d plan allows you to stay up to 10 days each month at HafH, but as you were just trying HafH out for the first time in November, you used only 4 nights. As you had days left over in November, you also receive bonus HafH Coins on December 1st. (The amount of HafH Coins received will depend on your actual usage and plan type.)

Save up HafH Coins and treat yourself!

Noteworthy points about HafH Coins

・HafH Coins cannot be purchased.
・HafH Coins cannot be transferred between accounts
・HafH Coins have no expiry date
・Canceling your membership will result in the loss of HafH Coins
・HafH Coins will not be lost when choosing Snooze HafH (pausing your membership). However, if you are on Snooze HafH for an extended period of time, and more time passes after receive a notification from HafH, there is a possibility of losing your HafH Coins.

How do I check how many HafH Coins I have?

You can check your HafH Coin balance on your “My Page” https://www.hafh.com/profile

HafH Coin FAQ

Q. Are there any private rooms that don’t require HafH Coins?

A. There are some properties in the HafH Network that offer private rooms without the need to use HafH Coins.

Q. There is a private room I want to book, but I don’t have enough HafH Coins. What should I do?

A. You need to collect HafH Coins in order to make the booking. You could upgrade your HafH plan, and receive added HafH Coins through your plan upgrade.
*Upgrading your HafH plan mid-month will require you to pay the difference between your current plan and the plan you wish to upgrade to.

Q. How many bonus HafH Coins do I actually get from unused stays?

A. The amount of HafH Coins received will depend on which plan you’re on and your usage of HafH for that month. There is no set amount.

Q. If I cancel a booking, will I get my HafH Coins back?

A. If you cancel before the date your booking is made for, the amount of HafH Coins deducted from your account for that booking will be returned once the cancellation has been processed. You are not able to cancel on the day your booking is made for, so in this case HafH Coins will be lost.

Q. Can HafH Coins be used for something other than room upgrades?

A. At present, you can use HafH Coins to upgrade your room, or have accompanying guests stay with you at some properties. We plan to collaborate with various services to give you more opportunities to use HafH Coins.