Membership plan changes start August 1st!

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3 big changes are coming to HafH starting August 1, 2021.

The first is a change to the current membership plans. Here are the important details regarding plan changes that will take effect from next month.

Arrival of the Standard plan

Besides making the membership plan names a little easier to understand, we’ve also added a new plan, the Standard plan – ¥9,800/mth, to give members more choice in choosing a plan that suits their lifestyle!

Snooze HafH is now just called “Snooze,” and this option allows you to pause your subscription. This option is available from the month after your initial sign up.

When signing up to HafH from August 1, you will need to choose either “Light” or a higher plan in order to complete registration (i.e. you will no longer be able to sign up on Snooze.)

The amount of HafH Coins that come with each plan will also change starting August 1.

Click here for more information on HafH Coins.

Subscription Fee Billing Dates

Differing from the current set-up, the billing date for members who sign up to HafH from August 1 will be the day they sign up. For current members (or those who’ve signed up by 11:59PM on July 31), your billing date will remain the first day of each month.

If you upgrade your plan mid-month (mid-billing cycle), the difference between the monthly fee and the amount you have already paid will be settled the moment you confirm your upgrade. Your new plan will be reflected on your account as soon as your payment has been processed.

Points to note when making an upgrade to your plan:
・The amount of nights you get from upgrading is not the total of both your pre-upgrade and post-upgrade plan, but the number included in the upgraded plan.
・If you’ve already used some of the nights included in your current plan (pre-upgrade), then the amount of nights you’ll get post upgrade will be the difference between the two plans.

Up until now, you needed to use HafH for a minimum of 2 months from the date you signed up, but after the upcoming changes, you can change your plan or cancel your membership after the first month. This makes it so much easier to try HafH and see if it’s for you or not.

For those on a HafH Traveling (5d) or higher plan who want to switch to the new “Standard” plan

For members who are currently on a HafH Traveling plan (5 day, 10 day, 1 month), unless you make any changes, your plan will switch to the corresponding plan of the same rank on August 1 (which is the billing date for current members).

The new membership plans will be updated on August 1, which means the option to switch to the new “Standard” plan will not be available until then.

For current members wanting to change their plan to the Standard plan starting in August, you will need to do the following steps during this month (July).

※Please note
・If you’ve signed up to HafH by 11:59PM on July 31, 2021, you will not be eligible to receive the discount included in the August “new member campaign” (even if you are only on Snooze HafH).
・New members who signed up to HafH in July and are on a HafH Traveling 5 day, 10 day, or 1 month plan, are unable to downgrade their plan in August. The earliest you will be able to downgrade your plan (or choose the new Standard plan) will be for September.

How to change your plan

In conjunction with the update to membership plans, HafH Coins will also been updated and adjusted accordingly. Click here to read more on new HafH Coins.

3 major updates to HafH

1.【Changes to membership plans】New membership plans have arrived
2.【Changes to subscription fee billing】Billing and making plan changes is now easier to understand
3.【Changes to HafH Coins】HafH Coins are now required to make a reservation





Snooze HafH」改名為「Snooze 」方案,變更為註冊月起即可以辦理。


此外,方案可獲得的HafH Coin數也將變更。

關於HafH Coin的詳細資訊請參考此處








現正使用「HafH Traveling」方案,8月起希望改為「Standard」方案的會員

全新的會員方案須於8月1日方能進行升級,因此在7月中無法直接更改為「Standard」方案。若希望使用「Standard Plan」,請於7月底前更改8月份的會員方案。

若您是在7月份使用「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(1mth)」方案的會員,希望更改為8月新推出的「Standard」方案,請於7月底前,將8月份的會員方案更改為「Trial HafH」或「Snooze HafH」,並於8月1日後至My Page將會員方案更改為「Standard」方案。

若您7月份使用「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(1mth)」方案,未進行任何變更的話,8月1日將依您現有的方案扣款。(請參考上圖2)


・台灣時間2021年7月31日22:59前註冊的會員,即使您目前為Snooze HafH方案,也不適用於8月的新會員註冊活動。

・7月份使用「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(5d)」、「HafH Traveling(1mth)」方案註冊的會員,無法在8月份更改為比現在更低價的會員方案。最快須於9月份開始才能使用「Standard」方案。


另外,除了會員方案變更,HafH Coin的使用方式也有所調整。

全新的HafH Coin說明請參考此處。




3.【HafH Coin更新】預約時必須使用的HafH Coin全新改版