Guesthouse LAMP IKI

Nagasaki, Katsumoto, Katsumotoura 253


A historical Japanese-style hotel that has been renovated into a stylish guesthouse.Iki is a charming island surrounded by beautiful sea and a great place to enjoy clear starry skies. Said to be the birthplace of Shinto, there are more than 150 registered shrines on the island!A great place to enjoy various activities; swimming at our fantastic beaches, fishing, marine sports, and many spiritual power spotsA nearby restaurant offers delicious meals using fresh seafood and the best local ingredients!

*Please refrain from making reservations if you have been to the area of emergency state within 2 weeks. LAMP IKI was born as the place with cozy atomoshere and old taste remaining by renovating old wooden ryokan which was first built at the beginning of...

Check-in / out

15:00 - 21:00


Nagasaki, Katsumoto, Katsumotoura 253
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・Take the bus from Ashibe port station - about a 26 minute trip. ・Take the airplane from Nagasaki airport to Iki airport - about a 30 minute trip. and take the car from Iki airport to LAMP - about a 30 minute. ・Take a ship from Hakata port to Iki port - about an hour to 2 hours trip.