Guest Living Mu NankiShirahama

3076-1, Hamadori, shirahamacho, nishimurogun, Wakayama prefacture


Roomy living space, working space and natural hot spring!The "workation" (work+vacation) boom is happening right now in Wakayama Prefecture powered by the local government.Wakayama is famous for beautiful beaches and hot springs!Workation here with great Nanki-Shirahama Beach views!

The fun of traveling is freedom that has been released from everyday life. Wherever you go, go where you want and do what you like. There is no need to eat and to go sightseeing at a fixed time . "Guest Livingl Mu Nanki Shirahama" is an inn based on th...

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16:00 - 20:00


3076-1, Hamadori, shirahamacho, nishimurogun, Wakayama prefacture
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・Take Bus to Sandankyo from Shirahama station. Get off at bus stop Mabuyu and 1minutes walk. ・Take JR Limited express from Shin-Osaka station to Shirahama station 2Hours 10minutes,From Shirahama station 10-15minute by bus or taxi. ・1hours 10miuntes flight from Haneda aiport to Shirahama airport,5minutes from Shirahama airport by taxi.・Take Kisei Higway via Hanwa Hiway, 15minutes from Shirahama IC.