Reveries Diving Village, Surf & Spa

Laamu Atoll Gan Island, Republic of Maldives

Experience luxury at its finest at the heart of the untouched paradise of Laamu Atoll!

There is never going to be too little to do at Reveries. We have customized excursions as well as fun filled activities and adventures tailored for you. Experience the best of the Maldives, both above and under the sea.

Check-in / out

14:00 - 22:00


Private room

300 coin

Shared space・Amenities

  • Long term stays
  • Wi-Fi
  • Key card
  • Refrigerator
  • Early check in






Laamu Atoll Gan Island, Republic of Maldives

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Enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful atolls on a thirty-five minute flight from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport before reaching Laamu, the longest stretch of islands, connected by land in the Maldives. A twenty minute drive across three islands will take you the exquisite Reveries Diving Village.


  • ※There are cases that HafH Coin is required upon booking depending on the facility and room type.
  • ※Depending on the reservation circumstances, there is a possibility that the reservation may be declined.
  • ※When you make a reservation, there may be cases that the actual rooms may look different from the ones shown in the photos.