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The 3 top features

HafH is the fixed price service helping you
to find a place to stay when, where and for how long you want!

All-you-can-live around the world for a fixed-price

HafH is a monthly fixed price service, so there's no need to look up and compare prices

Experience new encounters, learn new things, and work from any of our about 782 locations across the globe

All facilities have Wi-Fi, offering peace of mind for those traveling as they work. Local events also regularly held.

Get even more value by using HafH Coins

You can upgrade to a room worth JPY10,000+ /night on an accommodation booking site, simply by using HafH Coins.

About HafH Coins

Fixed-price Plans

Trial HafH

max:1 day

Try the HafH experience at this bargain plan! This is a limited time offer.
¥3,000 / mth

HafH Traveling(5d)

max:5 days

A plan that gives you the freedom to do a little "travel as you work" when you get the urge.
¥16,000 / mth

HafH Coin:100 Coins

HafH Traveling(10d)

max:10 days

For when traveling as you work is a big part of your life. Useful for weekday business trips and weekend getaways.
¥32,000 / mth

HafH Coin:200 Coins

HafH Traveling(1mth)

max:1 month

For when travel is just a part of your everyday life. Stay in one place for a month or more, or move around every few days.
¥82,000 / mth

HafH Coin:500 Coins

*Even if you sign up to a paid plan, you will not be charged any fees during the month you sign up in. However, you are unable to cancel your membership or change to a plan of lesser value within that sign-up month or the following month. Important information regarding HafH Plans

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Trial HafH

HafH Traveling(5d)

HafH Traveling(10d)

HafH Traveling(1mth)

Monthly Fee (Tax incl.)
¥3,000 / mth¥16,000 / mth¥32,000 / mth¥82,000 / mth
Days per month
1 day5 days10 days1 month
Free Wi-Fi
Working Space
HafH Coins earned per month
0100 Coins200 Coins500 Coins

Receive 500 HafH Coins as a gift from us when you sign up.