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Rooms with a capacity of two or more people can accommodate more than two persons in the same room. You can also search by entering the number of people in the property search. A HafH member must make the reservation request. Without a HafH member, the accompanying person cannot stay alone in the room. However, the accompanying person does not have to be a HafH member to stay at the property. It is not possible to reserve multiple rooms for the same dates. Please ask the property you wish to stay at about accommodations for children.

Accommodation reservations, airline ticket reservations, and coin purchases are available. The "Current Plan" and "Next Plan" can be changed every month. The usage period of a plan is one month, starting from the billing date when the payment is made. Accommodation reservations are available when the date of stay is within the paid plan period. Ticket reservations and coin purchases are available when a paid plan is selected under “Current Plan.” You cannot make reservations for accommodations and airline tickets using only HafH Coins without registering a paid plan.

・Cancellation Cancellation of a confirmed reservation is possible until the day before the check-in date. No cancellation fee will be charged. Only in the case of possible cancellation, the coins used for the reservation will be refunded at the time of cancellation. Please note that cancellations of confirmed reservations will not be accepted after 0:00 on the day of check-in and the coins will not be refunded. ・Changes No changes can be made after the reservation has been made. If you wish to change your reservation (number of days, room type, number of people), please cancel the reservation and then make a new reservation with the requested information. Once you cancel the reservation, you may not be able to make another reservation with the same details.

・Purchase Coins 100 Coins can be purchased for USD 25.00. The maximum purchase amount per month is 6,000 Coins (USD 1,500.00). However, the maximum purchase amount is 1,000 Coins (USD 250.00) for the first month of registration only.