【HafH Crew travel log】Introducing a playful and enjoyable hotel in Tokyo – lyf Ginza Tokyo!

Get ready to blow your mind!
lyf(same pronunciation as “life”) Ginza Tokyo is a hotel to inspire and heal you.
Opened in November 2023, it’s the perfect base for Tokyo sightseeing and ideal for business use. This playful hotel even has a coworking space, making it perfect for your next workation.
With a shared kitchen and coin laundry on-site, it’s also recommended for long-term stays.

lyf Ginza Tokyo, as a social & lifestyle hotel, is committed to facilitating interaction between guests staying at the accommodation and café customers, “CONNECT SPACE” has been set up on the second floor where events are frequently held. You might also be able to participate in events hosted by lyf Ginza Tokyo!
This time, Mingchin Huang(黃銘進), an influencer born in Chiayi( Taiwan) and is currently living in Tokyo, and YH from the Taiwanese HafH crew stayed at lyf Ginza Tokyo.

While we conducted a hotel tour on Instagram Live, we’ll introduce it here as a HafH Crew travel log.

The Instagram Live archive is here.

We have prepared limited-time benefits for your booking on lyf Ginza Tokyo until March 14, 2024.

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The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the hotel is its photogenic art design. Every corner is picture-perfect. The history and culture of Tokyo and the concept that lyf wants to cherish are expressed by various artists.

The hotel has staff called “lyf Guards (Lifeguards)” who are always on duty and provide reassuring support when needed. It was nice to be friendly and greeted at check-in, and the smiles of the staff helped ease the tension of the journey.

The guest rooms are also cute and pop! They are compact but have everything you need, so there’s no waste, which might be why it’s so comfortable. The design varies depending on the room type, so you might want to come back again.
But, even though it’s comfortable, it would be a waste to stay cooped up in the room!

That’s because lyf Ginza Tokyo has a well-equipped community space. There’s a space where you can play board games and a shared kitchen!
When we stayed, there were many guests from overseas, and various languages were spoken, so you might also enjoy global communications with each other!

It’s nice that there’s also a bar area on the first floor where you can enjoy light snacks and drinks! It’s a space that you can visit without feeling pressured, so it doesn’t seem lonely even when traveling alone.
I also visited alone, and I was able to talk to the staff and other guests, which unexpectedly added to the enjoyable memories of the trip.

You can work with peace of mind even when you have a business trip or receive a sudden work request, as the workspace is well-equipped.
Since the entire hotel is connected to Wi-Fi, you can work in your room as well. However, when you want a change of pace, I recommend using the workspace. By effectively using different spaces, you may come up with new ideas or be more productive than usual, so please give it a try.

There’s also a coin laundry room, which is convenient for long-term stays! 
This room is also very colorful and having a big space, exactly a photo booth for you as well! It’s thoughtful that you can rent an iron and ironing board, too.

We think staying at lyf Ginza Tokyo is not only suitable for friends or couples but also makes solo travelers feel less lonely.
This time, we also received comments from the influencer Mingchin and YH from the Taiwanese HafH crew who stayed at lyf Ginza Tokyo.

I had never stayed in Ginza before, but the area has an elegant atmosphere, and I enjoyed just moving around. While living in Tokyo, I sometimes feel pressured, but I could spend a very relaxing time at lyf Ginza Tokyo.

The access from Haneda Airport is convenient, and even with large luggage, it’s easy as the elevator from the station is right there! Even from Narita Airport, you can take the Narita Express to Tokyo Station and walk from there, which is nice. I bring a lot of gadgets when I travel, so I was really happy to see Type-C outlets on the wall.

Ginza is really convenient for travelers. The Ginza Line goes directly to Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya, and so on, and the Asakusa Line also goes directly to Haneda and Narita! If you walk to Yurakucho, you can also use JR, so the routes are even more convenient.

That’s right. I’ve been to Tokyo several times, and Ginza is really convenient!

Ginza is a great area for a stroll. lyf Ginza is close to Ginza 1-chome, I recommend walking towards Shinbashi in the 8-chome direction. Even though it’s all called “Ginza,” each area has its own characteristics. 1-chome has many galleries, and 4-chome is where department stores gather. In 6-chome, there is Ginza’s largest commercial facility, Ginza Six, and in 8-chome, there are many old-fashioned coffee shops. It becomes a pedestrian paradise on weekends, so I think it’s an area that travelers from anywhere can enjoy.

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