[A hotel that become the purpose of your trip.] Traditions come alive at OMOTENASHI-THE TOKYO STATION HOTEL

 HafH’s best popular partner hotel,  “The Tokyo Station Hotel,” a one-of-a-kind prestigious hotel with over 100 years of history located in the Marunouchi Station Building of Tokyo Station, and “lyf Ginza Tokyo,” which opened last November in Ginza and is attracting attention as the second lyf brand in Japan, are in Special Interview.

In this article, we introduce the charm of The Tokyo Station Hotel and recommend ways to spend your time in commemoration of the dialogue.

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-Classic Luxury – 

The Tokyo Station Hotel is a hotel integrated with the historic Tokyo Station, which has the largest number of arriving and departing trains in Japan and is designated as an important cultural asset by the Japanese government.

In 2023, the hotel will celebrate 108 years in business, and it continues to evolve into a hotel that represents Tokyo and is loved by many people for a long time. What is the unique story created by this prestigious hotel that welcomes guests from Japan and around the world on a daily basis?

Harmony of History and Scenery

The hotel was established in 1915 in the glamorous European style in the Tokyo Station building, closed since 2006, and reopened in 2012 after conservation and restoration work. 3 stories high and low, the beauty of its exterior is highlighted by the brick “furin-meji” (covered ring joints). The exquisite handmade finish beautifully revives the elegant atmosphere of the building’s original construction.

At night, a new charm unfolds. A particularly recommended view is that seen from the rooftop garden of the commercial facility, KITTE. The beauty of the view is sure to captivate you. In fact, tourists are often seen taking pictures with the hotel in the background. The beautiful scenery offered by this hotel will be a special memory for visitors.

A unique space that leaves a lasting impression

Once you step inside, you will find a quiet and luxurious space that is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The beauty of European Classics abounds, and the power of the design and delicate decoration captivate visitors. In the lobby, a large fireplace is lit and clematis brass flowers adorn the floor. The language of this flower is “traveler’s delight. It offers a special welcome to guests visiting the hotel. The clematis motifs are hidden in other places as well, so one of the pleasures of the museum is to take the time to look for them.

The long guest room corridor is the result of the station building’s 335-meter length. The beautiful straight lines of the corridor are breathtaking. It is a very popular spot for guests to take pictures. The hallway, lit by twinkling lamps, creates an elegant atmosphere. The hallway is lit by twinkling lamps and is decorated in different shades of orange and green to instantly identify the location of the elevators.

Both sides of the corridor are decorated with various photographs and artwork related to Tokyo Station. The total number of pieces is more than 100, including rare photographs from the early days of Tokyo Station. Forty of the artworks have QR codes attached to them, which can be read to receive audio guidance. Visitors can conveniently read the QR codes with their own devices, without the need for a dedicated mobile device.

The “Archive Balcony” on the 3rd floor is a luxurious space where visitors can observe the domes on the north and south sides of the Tokyo Station Building up close. The “Clematis” flower sculpture and beautiful zodiac reliefs show the attention to detail, and explanations about the restoration are displayed on the south dome. The front desk has a pamphlet that will guide you through the hotel, so you may find something new as you tour the building.

The Tokyo Station Hotel has 10 food and beverage facilities to meet the needs of all sizes. Particularly impressive is breakfast in the Atrium, located in the center of the Tokyo Station building.

With a maximum ceiling height of 9 meters, the light streaming in through the skylight brings a pleasant warmth to the room. Steel-framed red bricks are placed in the center of the venue, evoking the history of the time. Dining in the unique atmosphere that can only be experienced here will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

*Reservations through HafH are limited to overnight stays only. (At the time of publication)

The three rooms available via HafH are the Classic Comfort Queen (no view), Palace Side Superior Twin, and Maisonette Twin. Each room offers unique and comfortable space.

Unique features unique to Tokyo Station can be found throughout the guestrooms, and manuscript notepads are provided at the desk. This symbolizes the history of the many writers who once wrote here. Today, with fewer opportunities to express thoughts and feelings by hand, writing down a record of one’s stay may be one way to enjoy the station.

In addition, even though it is a station building, it is designed to be impervious to any outside noise. This sound insulation is due to the double-layered structure of the windows. In addition to the classic feel expressed by the vertical windows of the station building, the building is also designed to provide a comfortable stay for guests.

A particularly impressive space is the washroom area. Beautiful marble is used, accentuating its stateliness and luxury. The amenities are a collaboration with the French perfume brand “Histoires de Parfums,” and have been highly praised by guests who have stayed here. The theme is “Scent of History. This is expressed in the hotel’s original bath amenity “Est. 1915”. The label on the side of the bottle uses a train ticket as a design motif, vividly conveying the history of the time.

-A timeless experience of quality and comfort.-

A member of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”, this is one of Japan’s leading hotels. Over 100 years since its opening, many people have been attracted by its history and special hospitality. We invite you to experience its charm.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

2050-5050 coins

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