DENIM HOSTEL float & the Town of Fluttering Indigo

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DENIM HOSTEL float is located in Kurashiki, Okayama the home of denim/jeans in Japan. Okayama is included in the JR-WEST promotion, so be sure to apply for a discounted ticket here* if you want to visit DENIM HOSTEL float.

*The application is only available for HafH members, and only available in Japanese language.


Kurashiki, the home of denim in Japan

Kurashiki is a place worth visiting in itself, but its location makes getting to other areas like Shikoku and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea really easy. Denim brand ITONAMI (formerly EVERY DENIM) opened their hostel and café inside their store building in September 2019.

Pictured: Owners Youhei Yamawaki (left) and Shunsuke Shimada (right)

Here’s a quick word from the owners on why they opened the hostel, and a few recommendations on enjoying the town.

Finishing our campervan trip around all 47 prefectures of Japan

We didn’t have a physical store for our denim brand ITONAMI, so we traveled around all 47 prefectures in Japan in our campervan selling our product. During our time traveling across the country, we had the opportunity to meet many craftsmen from all different backgrounds like food, clothing, housing, etc. After learning about their passion for manufacturing and seeing their efforts in involving and working together with the local community, we decided to set up our base in Kojima, Kurashiki City; a place where jeans are produced that also has spectacular views of the Seto Inland Sea.

Brilliant views of the Seto Ohashi Bridge and the Seto Inland Sea

All of the rooms at DENIM HOSTEL float have a view of the islands dotted across the Seto Inland Sea. Visit with your family or partner and just enjoy spending some quality time together. Or maybe it’s time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and give yourself some “me time.” No matter your reason for coming, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Seto Inland Sea and experience the extraordinary charm of Kojima, Kurashiki.

Right after the sun dips below the horizon is Golden Hour! It’s almost as if the sky is telling us about the passage and flow of time through a gradation of colors. Each sunset offers something a little different; it’s a beautiful gift from nature.

Of course denim is featured throughout the comfortable interior too!

As we are a denim brand, we wanted to feature denim in our hostel’s interior design. The wallpaper, tatami mat edging, sofas, chairs, and sliding doors are all made of, or feature, denim. Looking out from the hostel rooms across the Seto Inland Sea, the indigo denim elements just tie in so nicely with the blue sea.

The ocean and mountains offer plenty of activities!

It’s not all about the sea at DENIM HOSTEL float. We also have mountains!
Mt Ojigatake rises out from within the Setonaikai National Park area. If you’re lucky and weather permits, you can go paragliding over the Seto Inland Sea. SUP (stand-up paddle boards) and BBQ sets are available to rent in the area so you can have even more fun at the beach. Afterwards, you can hike up Mt Ojigatake and then stop at the cafe that sits up on the peak.

Fukuen Project: Breathe new life into your old beloved clothes

It was once a much-loved, much worn item of clothing…but not so much anymore. Yet, you still can’t bear to part with it. We all have items of clothing that keep escaping the purge, even though we haven’t worn them for a long time. Fukuen is a service that gives you a chance to fall in love with that item of clothing all over again, by bringing it back to life with indigo dye. 

A fukuen report that tells the story of a beloved item of clothing (filled out by the owner of the item of clothing)

Originally, the fukuen service where you send in an item of clothing you want to fukuen, along with your memories of that item of clothing, and then we dye it with indigo and return it to the sender.
We’ve decided to turn this into an experience so that you can breathe new life into your clothes with your own hands.

By wearing the clothes we have for as long as possible, we can change our consumption habits and live more sustainably.

Come and stay with us in Kojima, the city of denim, and use indigo to bring an old favorite item of clothing back to life with your own hands.

Booking & Overview

How to participate: When making your reservation to stay at DENIM HOSTEL float through HafH, use the chat function to let DENIM HOSTEL know that you want to try the indigo dyeing experience. Please be sure to message at least a week before the date you want to do indigo dyeing.
Payment for this activity should be paid directly to DENIM HOTEL float on site.

Available between: May 1 〜 June 30, 2021

Time required: About an hour

Price: ¥3,000 (tax included)

Details: This is an experience to re-dye your own clothes using indigo dye.

What to bring: A beloved item of clothing you wish to re-dye
ーPlant-based fiber: cotton, linen, etc.
ーRegenerated cellulose fiber: rayon, cupro, tencel/lyocell, etc.
ーNatural protein fiber: silks, etc.

※Items containing a large percentage of synthetic fibers like polyester, polyurethane, nylon, acrylic cannot be dyed.
※Wool can be dyed, but may cause the item to shrink slightly.
※Depending on the timing of your reservation, the experience may not be available, so please be sure to confirm with DENIM HOSTEL float beforehand. For further details about the experience, please ask DENIM HOSTEL float directly via the chat function on your MY PAGE.

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(The trip from Shin-Osaka Station would normally cost ¥6,720, and ¥12,320 from Hakata Station)

Read more about DENIM HOSTEL float (and make a booking from here)

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