Hotel Nord Otaru

1-4-16 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido


Standard Twin A [City Side] (breakfast included) - Hotel Nord Otaru

Standard Twin A [City Side] (breakfast included)

2 guests
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This European-style hotel is located in front of the Otaru Canal in the exotic northern city of Otaru. Located almost in the center of the west coast of Hokkaido, in an area overlooking Ishikari Bay, you can enjoy the main Hokkaido tourist attractions such as mountains and ski resorts.

The most convenient way to get to the hotel is by high-speed train from New Chitose Airport. The hotel is located in front of the historic Otaru Canal, which once flourished as a fishing port, and is about a 7-minute walk from Otaru Station. Many of the b...

Check-in / out

15:00 - 18:00


  • Japanese
  • Luggage storage
  • Front desk [24-hour]
  • Close to station



1-4-16 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido

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