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The 3 top features of HafH

All-you-can-live around the world for a fixed-price
HafH is a monthly fixed price service, so there's no need to look up and compare prices
Experience new encounters, learn new things, and work from any of our about 300 locations across the globe
All facilities have Wi-Fi, offering peace of mind for those traveling as they work. Local events also regularly held.
Get even more value by using HafH Coins
You can upgrade to a room worth JPY10,000+ /night on an accommodation booking site, simply by using HafH Coins.

Using HafH

Choose the plan that suits you and start staying with HafH from tomorrow!

Head to the sign up page
Choose a fixed price plan
Choose a location and then make a booking

Fixed-price Plans

Eligible Plan of Go To Travel Program
Monthly Fee (Tax incl.)
  • ¥16,000
  • ¥32,000
  • ¥82,000
  • ¥3,000
Subsidies for the Travel Plan
  • ¥5,600
  • ¥11,200
  • ¥28,700
  • ¥0
Days per month @ HafH
  • 5 days
  • 10 days
  • 1 month
  • 2 days
HafH Coins earned per month
  • 0
  • 200
  • 500
  • 0
Free Wifi
Working Space
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Important information regarding HafH Plans

*Even if you sign up to a paid plan, you will not be charged any fees during the month you sign up in. However, you are unable to cancel your membership or change to a plan of lesser value within that sign-up month or the following month.

Customer reviews

I used HafH Coins to pamper myself a little!

I’ve been using HafH for about two months now and have been to 4 locations in the HafH Network. It used to take me almost as long to find accommodation as it did for the actual traveling to the destination itself, but it’s so much faster and easier through HafH. Also, the fact that there are HafH locations overseas as well, means I have a lot of options! Lately, I’ve found myself wanting to places just because there’s a HafH location available in that area. HafH Coins are also amazing! Usually, I only have access to dormitory type rooms, but by using HafH Coins I can upgrade to a private room without any additional charges! When I feel like I need bit of time to myself, I’ll use some HafH Coins and pamper myself with a private room (if the guesthouse has private rooms). I’ve only used guesthouses in Japan, but I really want to try staying at HafH’s overseas locations!



This plan gives you access to our guesthouses/hostels around the world. The general room type available on a HafH Traveling plan is the dormitory type (though some guesthouses only have private rooms). The partnered guesthouses in the HafH Network have all been hand-picked by HafH Staff. Our staff personally travel to and stay at each guesthouse, speaking with the owners and making sure they're suitable to be a part of HafH. The HafH Network is full of Insta-worthy guesthouses, popular with both locals and foreigners. Try traveling around to all of our wonderful guesthouses!

You can book a private room by using your HafH Coins. Some facilities offer private rooms without having to use HafH Coins.

If there's a month where it looks like you won't be able to make use of HafH's accommodation network, you can change to the Snooze HafH plan for that month. This simply puts your account on pause until you're ready to use HafH again.