【Become a HafH Coliving Resident this summer】
【Become a HafH Coliving Resident this summer】

We started our Coliving Project at HafH in April 2020, with each projecgt running every 3 months. The first round went so well, that we’ve decided to continue the project for another round. Part 2 of HafH’s Coliving Project will run during the summer, from July to September, and we are already accepting applications from potential residents.

Furthermore, all applicants who apply and move in by June 30, 2020 will receive an Amazon gift card. This is the perfect chance for you to take on the location independent working lifestyle for yourself.

Application Form for HafH Coliving Project Pt II

There are two different plans you can choose from this time round. Choose the HafH plan that best suits your lifestyle.

【HafH Coliving (1mth)】
Includes 10 days stay to use at other partner facilities in the HafH Network
Apply for the HafH Coliving Project before June 30th for your chance to receive an Amazon gift card worth 30,000 yen!

Once you’ve decided on which HafH facility you want to colive in, you can choose to spend each month in a different HafH facility. The membership fee stays the same no matter which location you choose (room types and availability do differ depending on location – check out the table below for more information).

The HafH Network is a network of coliving / coworking spaces and accomodation facilities, and we have 260 locations in 160 cities across the globe. HafH Neigbors (members) on the HafH Coliving plan get 10 free nights each month to use anywhere in our global network – That’s access to our 260 locations for 10 nights each month without any additional fees!
Those who choose to colive at HafH Nagasaki SAI or HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE also get breakfast for free.


There is no membership fee charged from the first day you sign up until the last day of that same month. So those who apply and are selected for the Coliving Project in June (for the July to September period) won’t pay their first monthly membership fee until August 1 (membership fees are charged on the first day of each month). Simply put, that’s 3 months coliving for the cost of two months!
Those lucky people selected to be on the Coliving Project Pt. 2 will receive an Amazon gift card worth ¥30,000.
*Membership is charged on the 1st of each month – so for those on the Coliving Project, that will be on August 1st and September 1st

(Please Note)

  • You will need a valid credit card when you sign up to HafH.
  • After the final membership fee has been charged on September 1st, the Amazon gift cards will be readied and sent out to the designated address registered (expected to be sent out by the final day of September).
    If your contract is terminated prematurely or you change your plan, etc., then you will automatically become ineligible for the benefits associated with this plan.
  • The rooms available to those on the 82,000 yen/month subscription are as listed on the below table (grey color).
  • Those who are already signed up to HafH on a paid plan and wish to join the summer Coliving Project may do so, but will have to pay their subscription fee starting from July 1. However, you will be eligible for the Amazon gift card.

【HafH Simple Plan】
Apply to be a part of the Coliving Campaign by June for your chance to receive an Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen!

A simple, no-frills plan, all you pay is a monthly fee that reflects your room type and rental prices in the neighborhood. This plan is separate to our standard medium to long-term stay HafH plans, and does not include all the benefits of a standard HafH Plan.
However, there’s still no need to look for and buy furniture, white goods and appliances, plus there is no bond or other security deposits etc. to worry about – just move in!
Your subscription fee (i.e. rent) will be charged monthly. For the first month you move in, rent will be calculated on a daily basis starting from the day you move in until the last day of the month (this way you’re not paying for a whole month when you’ve only lived on the premises for a few days).


Apply for the project by June 30, 2020, and live at one of the following HafH properties for the full 3 months to receive an Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen! Room types and prices for each HafH Property are listed below.

(Please Note)

  • After the final membership fee has been charged on September 1st, the Amazon gift cards will be readied and sent out to the designated address registered (expected to be sent out by the final day of September).
    If your contract is terminated prematurely or you change your plan, etc., then you will automatically become ineligible for the benefits associated with this plan.Amazon
  • Breakfast is not included at HafH Nagasaki SAI・HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE on the HafH Simple Plan. (Breakfast can be purchased for 500yen)
  • To use the full HafH service (access to our global HafH Network), you will need to register for one of our standard HafH plans.

HafH-operated Properties

For our Colving Project Pt2, you can choose to live at any one of our 4 directly operated properties in Kyushu; one in Fukuoka City, 2 in Nagasaki City, and 1 in Goto City (Goto Islands, Nagasaki).
You can check out photos and a short introduction to each of these 4 properties below.

HafH Nagasaki SAI

Located in the heart of Nagasaki City, HafH Nagasaki SAI is within walking distance of famous attractions like Meganebashi (Spectacles Bridge), Dejima and Nagasaki Chinatown. The first floor is a cafe space where our baristas brew a nice warm cuppa and serve up breakfasts and sweets. Both members of the public and guests are welcome at HafH Café. (Breakfast is included for those staying at SAI on a HafH Coliving plan.

The second floor is a coworking space, complete with Wi-Fi and a tonne of power outlets and power boards. Friendly local freelancers and university students like to use our coworking space, so making use of the space is also a great way to get to know locals and start to become part of the local community.

HafH Coworking (1mth) plan includes 10 nights stay at any of the accommodation facilities in the HafH Network each month – perfect for a change of scenery or a little getaway on your days off!

The third floor is the coliving space. The third floor features a spacious and modern living room, kitchen, tatami area with Japanese kotatsu table and a balcony. It’s a wonderful space, where those SAI residents and those just visiting Nagasaki can meet and interact. These daily encounters will not only open you up to new possibilities, but also open your mind to diverse values.

HafH Nagasaki SAI
ADDRESS: 〒850-0851 長崎県長崎市古川町5-21
TEL 095-818-8181

HafH Nagasaki Garden

HafH Nagasaki Garden is our modern-Japanese blend coliving space with views overlooking Nagasaki City. We carefully renovated a Japanese-style house to create this beautiful coliving and coworking space. Enjoy the peacefulness of the mountain view during the day, and at night, enjoy a part of one of the so-called Top 3 Night Views in the World!

Forget the craziness of busy city life and power through your work in our peaceful tatami-room coworking space. The coworking space has views of the Japanese garden and the mountains and city below. Look-up and out into the greenery to give your eyes a break from the screen, or head out into the spacious garden for a break and a breath of fresh air. Beautiful all year round, the fresh green of early summer is a particularly refreshing sight.

All rooms at HafH Nagasaki Garden are private rooms, so you can easily get some private time whenever you need it. Even though Garden is atop a mountain, it’s conveniently located only 1 minute from the nearest convenience store (a Family Mart).

Garden really is a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy your Nagasaki life to the fullest!

HafH Nagasaki Garden
ADDRESS: 〒850-0005 長崎県長崎市西山本町5-35
TEL 095-818-8181 (calls through to HafH Nagasaki SAI)

HafH Goto The Pier

HafH Goto THE PIER, is our coliving facility on the Goto Islands, on the very western frontier of the Japanese archipelago. This facility is especially popular, with all rooms being completely booked during the very first Coliving Project, which was right after THE PIER’s grand opening.

The Goto Islands are not only known as having some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches in all of Japan, but also for their recently listed World Heritage sites related to the turbulent history of the Hidden Christians in the Nagasaki and Amakusa Region.

While depopulation is a critical issue faced by many outlaying islands and regional areas of Japan, Goto has recently gained popularity as a living destination for those looking to escape the stress and pressure of big city living!

From July, every day is a beach day during the summer months in Goto. You can also explore the Goto archipelago or check out some of Nagasaki Prefecture’s other Outer Islands, and use your 10 free nights accommodation staying at other guesthouses and hostels in our network.

Serendip Hotel Goto is located on the first floor of the same building as THE PIER, and features a café and coworking space that’s open to guests, HafH Neighbors living at THE PIER, and also to locals of Goto. They often hold various events as well, so it’s the perfect place to meet locals, other travelers and really get a feel for island life on Goto.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested in coliving at HafH Goto THE PIER.

HafH Goto The Pier
ADDRESS: 〒853-0017 長崎県五島市武家屋敷1丁目7-12
TEL 095-818-8181 (calls through to HafH Nagasaki SAI)

HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE

HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE is within walking distance of Hakata Station, and in the middle of Kyushu’s largest city, Fukuoka. The famous shopping center Canal City, and popular sauna Wellbe Fukuoka are only meters from THE LIFE.
The Tenjin Shopping area and Nakasu nightlife area are both also within walking distance.

The Café & Lounge space on the first floor is available for guests and residents of TEH LIFE to use as a coworking space 24hrs a day. Head down to the café in the morning for freshly brewed coffee and breakfast, and mix with locals over a pint or a cocktail in the evening when the space turns into a bar.
(Neighbors on a HafH Coliving (1mth) plan receive breakfast every day during their stay at THE LIFE.)

Residents of HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE can also use the connecting coworking space The Company for a discounted price, and we offer a bicycle rental service through Bike Is Life for 4,000 yen per month.

Fukuoka City is fairly flat, so getting around on one of Bike Is Life’s stylish bicycles is easy, not to mention it’s a great way to avoid busy trains during peak hour.

HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE
ADDRESS: 〒812-0038 福岡県福岡市博多区祇園町8-13 第一プリンスビル 1F
TEL 092-292-1070

Register for HafH Coliving Project PT II


【Apply here】Coliving Project Pt II Application


For enquiries regarding becoming a resident, please fill out the direct enquiry form


FYI: List of HafH partner facilities where private rooms are available for mid to long-term stay plans

Other than our directly operated facilities, the following locations (Japan only) also offer mid to long-term stays.
Please contact the individual facilities for pricing. For those who don’t want to have to worry about comparing rent, the following facilities are a part of the HafH Network, so signing up to a HafH Coliving (1mth) plan for 82,000 yen/ month means it’s possible to colive at any of these facilities without the extra stress. Please contact either the facility you’re interested in directly, or head to the contact us section of our website.

Planetyze Hostel (Chuo City, TOKYO)


Introducing our Tokyo HafH facility where you can also enjoy high-quality protein drinks

Planetyze Hostel(Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo)

Hostel DEN

(Chuo City, TOKYO)


Hostel Co-EDO

(Sawara City, CHIBA)


cup of tea

(Takayama City, GIFU)


Blue Hour Kanazawa

(Kanazawa City, ISHIKAWA)


Appi Rocky Inn

(Hachimantai City, IWATE)



(Sakyo, KYOTO)


FON-SU bed&breakfast

(Nishi Ward, OSAKA)


Guesthouse MAYA

(Kobe, HYOGO)



(Karatsu City, SAGA)


Yakushima South Village

(Yakushima, KAGOSHIMA)


Please Note

  • For the latest information, please contact each individual facilities.
  • This list may include partner facilities that are currently running on reduced hours or closing at irregular intervals.
  • To help make enquiries run smoother, please inform the facility you’re contacting them after seeing HafH’s website, social media, etc.