Hirado Guesthouse kotonoha

846-2 Sakigatacho, Hirado, Nagasaki

The picturesque castle port of Hirado is right in front of your eyes. The owner's DIY has created a really warm and playful atmosphere.

We are a cosy dormitory guesthouse. Traveling is like being a minimalist. Guesthouses are supported by this idea You can minimize our personal space and share the other spaces with others. You can choose traveling by yourself or with someones. You c...

Check-in / out

16:00 - 21:00


846-2 Sakigatacho, Hirado, Nagasaki
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・from Fukuoka: Take YOKARO bus from Hakata station to Hirado bus stop. from Sasebo: Take Saihi bus from Sasebo-ekimae station to Hirado-Sanbashi bus stop. ・80min from Kita-Sasebo station(Matsuura Railway) to Hirado Sanbashi bus stop by bus. 12min from Tabira-Hirado station(Matsuura Railway) by taxi. ・Take shuttle bus(bound for Sasebo) to Sasebo bus center, 100min from Sasebo station to Hirado-Sabashi bus stop by bus.