Your HafH in the world

There are people who live like the wind, living life as a journey.
They encounter new lands, people, food, cultures, and
renewing themselves with each experience.

There are people who live like the earth,
laying down roots and nurturing strong bonds.
Growing up surrounded by and inheriting
the culture and history of the region.

Like the wind that carries a seed, and the earth that allows it to grow.
Where the wind and the earth meet, a new environment is born.
HafH is where you can encounter these two lifestyles.

Stay as if you’re living here, live as if you’re on a journey.
A new way of life and a new way of living start here.

No matter how long they stay,
the people that gather here become Neighbors.

Wherever there is HafH, there is a place waiting to become your hometown.
New encounters at HafH breathe new life into the regions in which they are born.