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HafH Coliving clears away obstacles like deposits and key money etc. – the hurdles that make looking for a place to live in Japan so difficult. HafH is also a place we’re people from all walks of life are welcome. There’s no discrimination based on things like nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc. An open and new style of shared living, it’s also perfect for exchange students and those seeking work!

While registered on this plan, you get a fixed room to call your own and also 10 free nights to use at other locations in our worldwide network.

About this plan

HafH Coliving

Base rate (Tax Incl.)¥82,000/mthSign up month is free+500 HafH Coins

You can stay 10 days/month free at other locations within the HafH Network!

What is Coliving?

Coliving is a community of those living in close proximity to their work, not just simply sharing their place of residence, but starting new business projects, inviting people from outside and creating new encounters and opportunities. It’s a place that encourages the growth of a community with a positive and friendly vibe.


How to use HafH

Sign up to HafH

You will need to sign-up to HafH.
When signing-up for HafH Coliving, you will need to register a valid credit card and provide a copy of either a valid passport or valid driver's licence.

Your credit card will be billed on the first day of every month. From the day you register up until the first day of the following month you can use HafH for free! If we are unable to bill you credit card due to misentered information, your booking may be automatically cancelled.

  • We use credit card encryption for your security.

Consultation (Select plan type / location)

Before choosing a HafH Coliving please enquire with us first.

We need to confirm that there is a room available at the HafH location of your choice first! Before choosing your new home base, please check with our Neighbor Support Center first.
While awaiting confirmation, we advise choosing Snooze HafH from the plan drop down menu first.


Before you start living at your new place, you can request to view the location. It’s a good idea to speak with the location owner to make sure there is no miscommunication before moving in.

Start Coliving

While you are on a HafH Coliving plan, your room stays as your room even when traveling around and staying at other locations. That means you can leave what you don’t need to take on your trip in your room at your home base.
You will need to log-in to your HafH account to book and stay at other locations in the HafH Network.

Cleaning (including changing bed sheets) of your private room at your HafH home base is your responsibility.

Change my Home Base location

You can make the request anytime up until the last day of the month before the month you wish to move in. (Remember, when you need to make a change to your plan, the changes won’t take effect until the first day of the following month.)

This means that you can start living at your new location from the first day of the following month.

In the event that you are unable to wait and need to change mid-month, you can either forfeit the remaining days of your current HafH plan for that month, or contact and book directly with the location you wish to go to on a plan offered by that location.

  • Please be sure to contact the Neighbor Support Center regarding which location you intend to use before moving in.

Changing from HafH Coliving to a different HafH Plan

E.g. If you sign up for HafH Coliving on June 1st, then change to HafH Traveling (10d) on July 20th

Free Usage PeriodHafH Coliving (1mth)

HafH Coliving (1mth)

HafH Traveling (10d)


HafH Coliving (1mth)Sign-up


HafH Coliving (1mth)Monthly fee of ¥82,000 is charged(500 HafH Coin earned)


HafH Coliving (1mth)Change plan to HafH Traveling (10d)


HafH Traveling (10d)Monthly fee of ¥32,000 is charged(200 HafH Coin earned)

  • Changes to your plan can be made up until midnight of the last day of the month. You can only make one change to your plan per month. Changes will take effect from the first day of the following month.

Read the fine print on HafH Plans here


A. The biggest difference is that HafH is designed with the nomadic lifestyle in mind. Coliving at HafH means you can say goodbye to hefty deposit and insurance fees! You also don't have to worry about setting up accounts and payments for utilities, Wi-Fi, and buying and selling furniture etc. as these are all included in the one monthly fee. There's also no 1 year or 2 year lock in contracts; you can even stay at a place for just one month, then easily move to another!
You also have access to HafH's online community and event information, making it possible for you to connect with other HafH Neighbors (members).

A. The difference between Japanese share houses (house or apartment types) and HafH is the availability of coworking spaces. Through coworking spaces, HafH residents and non-residents have the opportunity to meet and exchange information, experiences, and even culture. This means that HafH is more open to the local community than a regular share house where people often don't interact with one another.

A. To sign up with HafH, you need to register a valid credit card and either your passport or Japanese driver licence for personal identification reasons. Those under 18 years of age are unable to register.

A. Whether or not you can register the address of your HafH home base depends on the home base itself. Please confirm whether or not it's ok with the home base of your choice first before registering the address on your Certificate of Residence. The same also applies for those wanting to list the address on their company registration. Please confirm with the HafH location first.

A. If you apply to change locations before the end of the month, you can use the newly chosen location on the first day of the following month. If you can't wait and need to move in the middle of the month, you can either forfeit your HafH "Stay Days" or go on a plan offered by the new location for the remaining days of that month (this is on top of you current HafH Plan).
Make sure to confirm that there is a vacancy at the new coliving location with the Neighbor Support Center first!

A. Your credit card will be direct debited on the first day of every month. However, you can use HafH for free from the day you first sign up until the first day of the following month!
Please be aware that if your credit card details are incorrect and we are unable to debit your credit card, your booking request may be cancelled.

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